ZenTube Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy

ZenTube does not collect personal information on its own. We strive to protect your privacy rights.

- Information that ZenTube collects when you use the Service

Device and app history, ID, calendar, location, photo / media / file, microphone, Wi-Fi connection info, device id.
Gather your device information. This information is used for numerical statistics on product updates and new installations, reinstallations and deletions. It is also used for urgent update notifications or notifications. The information we collect includes mobile network information, including unique identifiers, device types and settings, operating system, and communication names, and application version numbers. It also collects information about the interaction of your app, browser, and device with the ZenTube service, including IP address, abnormal termination report, system activity, request date and time, and referrer URL. Please note that this is collected using the Google Play Service, the SDK of a trusted company such as Adbrix, Facebook, etc., and is not collected by ZenTube alone.

- Why do we collect data from our partners (Google, Adbrix, Facebook, Live Operations)?

Providing and maintaining and improving ZenTube services - using Google and Adbrix statistics for this. Customized services including content and ads - Ads included in ZenTube use Facebook's Audience Network. Communicating with users - Communicate messages to users through Google and live operations and communicate via reviews.

- Information sharing and disclosure

ZenTube does not disclose or sell information to third parties.

- How to contact us

If you have any questions about our privacy policy, please contact us at the email below.