ZenTube User Terms and Conditions

User Terms and Conditions

  1. ZenTube should only be used for personal use. The commercial use of ZenTube is strictly prohibited and illegal.

  2. ZenTube is used only to access content published to the hosting platform by an authorized third party. Users should verify their respective permissions to the content.

  3. Access to pornography or other materials that violate any rights is strictly prohibited. You can not convert files that are not publicly available.

  4. ZenTube's sole purpose is to create copies of downloadable online content (" fair use ") for users only. The additional use of content that ZenTube sends, in particular, publicly accessible or not commercially used, must be agreed with the owner of the downloaded content. The user is fully responsible for all of the data that ZenTube sends. ZenTube does not give any rights to content because it functions only as a technology service provider.

  5. Users are responsible for making sure that it is legitimate to use ZenTube. ZenTube only offers technology services. Therefore, ZenTube is not responsible to you or any third party for the right to download content through ZenTube.