Zen Meditation

Meditate In Your Home With the Help And Guidance From Nissim Amon

With Nissim Amon

Zen Journey with Nissim Amon

Relax with Nissim Amon in Zen Journey, a Wild Divine biofeedback activity.

He takes you on a relaxing Zen meditation, to discover your true self and to help you reduce the harmful effects of living a stressful life.

You will find wellness and peace of mind with the veritable Zen meditation techniques. A session with Nissim Amon consists of a one-to one

guided meditation that lasts for fifteen minutes. He knows if you are doing well with your breathing and sitting position, he tells you to take a break if he feels your mind is not calm enough to participate.

You can sit with him as he guides you through a deep Zen meditation or you can venture into the Temple and try the other biofeedback exercises. 

Biofeedback finger sensor technology is used to monitor your mental and physical progress in the Zen meditation.

The effect of having a Zen Master to guide you, has a calming influence on your mind and stops the "I am not doing so well" chatter that occurs.

You will find great pleasure with the Koans and the history of Buddha that he relates in the Temple. If you are doing well and progress to the next robe level, you will hear new stories.

Zen journey with Nissim Amon "everything is allright." He let's you feel OK with how you are tackling the days meditation and reassures you there is nothing to worry about.

Zen Meditation Techniques

Zen meditation techniques start to come together for you, if you practice each robe level with conviction. Once you have accrued enough time at each level, and participated in quality meditation time, the Master will summon you and present you with the next robe. You have 5 levels (robes) to earn. They are:

  • White
  • Brown
  • Blue
  • Purple
  • Black

Special meetings with the Master is where he reveals a story, discipline and guidance. You can sit with the Master and practice Zen meditation techniques, without the iom finger sensors.

The program contains a tryout mode, where you can engage in the activity. If you do not own the finger sensors, you will be unable to contribute your feedback to the activity.

You can still partake in the teaching instructions and listen to the stories, while practicing Zen Meditation Techniques.

Being Prepared For Zen Journey with Nissim Amon

Being prepared for Zen Journey with Nissim Amon takes away the element of surprise. Controlling our physical body goes hand in hand with controlling our mind.

If you wanted to participate in a marathon, you first change your mindset so that you are fully prepared for the race day.

Training and practice are crucial to

getting to the end of the race without injury, and so too in meditation you practice and prepare your body so as not to become uncomfortable and in pain while sitting.

Being fluid with your practice is more to your benefit than sitting rigid and unwilling to bow to your niggles.

Being prepared to exercise should also be taken into consideration.  The brain muscle gets stretched while you meditate and the body should also be exercising either aerobic or yoga as an example.

Being prepared mentally and physically is a requirement. Incorporate your exercises as you go along, tension is then eased equally, this will make you feel more stable and being prepared becomes second nature.

The Wild Divine And Biofeedback

Wild Divine and biofeedback Project has developed easy to use interactive software and hardware that takes stress management to a new level.

For physical and mental relaxation results to happen to you now, start using an IOM TODAY, see and feel the anxiety in your life disappear. Be the stress-free self you have always wanted to be.

The Wild Divine and biofeedback project is a marvelous learning platform that has your wellbeing at heart. You learn with interactive biofeedback, how to exercise your mind with relaxation techniques.

Relax and learn about Buddha, Tai Chi and many more stories the Master has to tell you. Wellness and happiness are achievable through maintained daily meditation practice with Wild Divine and biofeedback.